Health & exercise therapy professional Mark Waldron / body applications Biggera Waters recommends leguanos


As an 18 year experienced physiotherapist and owner of Body Applications physio & exercise therapy (EST2008) I have treated many patients with pain in the sole of their foot (plantar fasciitis) or heel (Achilles tendonitis). Your foot is the first point of load transfer up to your knee and from there to the hip and lower back / spine. Your foot has four layers of muscles and many joints and ligaments, which are all designed to move (flex / extend) when we walk, run or sprint. However, the vast majority of shoes have a largely rigid sole and a raised heel resulting in poor foot mechanics which can cause pain directly at your foot or further up the chain at your knee, hip or spine.

We are technically designed to not wear anything on our feet, however foot coverings have been developed to protect our feet from sharp objects and harsh conditions such as extreme heat and cold. When muscles and joints are not allowed to move through their normal range of motion (ROM) the muscles shorten (get tight) and the joints become immobile (stiffen). Given this I have been looking for years for a fully flat soled shoe that has a fully flexible sole and I finally found them in leguano shoes. I wear them to work and during the day when I am out and about socialising or exercising.

Mark Waldron

Since wearing leguanos I have found my gait (walking) pattern has improved as my foot can now work correctly as it was designed, and I feel like I am gliding or more efficiently walking. They do take some time to get used to as your muscles and joints will not be used to working correctly so I suggest weaning in to them and using a smooth massage ball to help relieve any aching in the sole of your foot. This is normal as your muscle and joints are adjusting so persist as "persistence pays off". I no longer wear any of my old shoes as I know they are not ideal for my feet and I have some try on models at my practice for patients to get a feel for size and experience the joy of movement again. Many modern shoes are like casts for your feet restricting movement and causing your feet long term damage. I strongly recommend you try a pair. as It will be money well spent and their patented non-slip sole has already saved me from a fall on a wet surface.

Please note that if you have highly deformed feet these shoes may not be for you, but you won’t know until you try them.


*This is an unpaid testimonial by Mark Waldron, owner and 18-year experienced principal physiotherapist