Jackie Wilson spreads his wings in leguanos at Australian Ninja Warrior

One of our dearest friends and member of the leguano community is Jackie Wilson aka @deadlyninjawarrior. Jackie is proud of his indigenous origin, and a one-of-a-kind character with an amazing story. Two years after breaking a vertebrae during a 30m cliff dive Jackie made his successful comeback at the Australian Ninja Warrior series – in leguanos!

Randomly enough the Australian indigenous colours and the ones of the German flag are identical. Reason enough to get Jackie into a pair of custom-made leguano Aktivs in black, red and yellow.

Apart from his impressive physical strength and co-coordinative skills Jackie is an advocate for an active and healthy lifestyle which is best found in nature and in close proximity to our mother earth.

Lots of love, positive energy and authenticity mixed with a refreshing sense of humour and care for his fellow humans, that’s Jackie for you right there. We’re super glad to have him as part of the leguano community!

Jackie Wilson australian ninja warrior leguanos