Join the JEMS® movement - with leguano!

Founded by the amazing Joanne Elphinston, JEMS® has a simple mission: to enable people of all backgrounds, ages and levels of physical ability to learn the art of working with their body instead of against it, to have confidence in their bodies, and to reclaim and enjoy the activities that matter most to them.

JEMS® is the science and art of beautiful movement, built upon a foundation of neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology and rehabilitation research, and balanced by the insights of a wide variety of holistic movement approaches.

Drawing from the fields of biomechanics, motor learning, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, Joanne’s passion for exploring and stimulating beautiful movement in her clientele has led her from her native Australia to the USA, UK and Sweden, working with an extraordinary range of people, from children to the elderly through to high performance athletes.

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