New partners in Melbourne and Sunshine Coast

The curiosity and the interest in our German-made barefoot shoes keeps growing and so does the leguano family. We are stoked to announce that we have partnered with Melbourne based Movement Specialists Health Systems Go. HSG offer specialised services in Podiatry, Myotherapy and Paediatrics to name a few, and you can now try on and purchase your first pair of our leguanos at their premises in Ringwood, VIC. Visit for details and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about barefoot walking and minimalist footwear!

We are equally excited to have started a partnership with eRunCoach on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Owner Norbert Petras is one of Australia’s most experienced barefoot running coaches and passionate about natural foot health. eRunCoach started as a coaching business seven years ago and has since expanded into a successful eCommerce store, selling a range of high quality minimalist footwear and Correct Toes toe spacers. Norbert is selling leguano shoes through his eRunCoach website and at the famous Eumundi Markets on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

Norbert has researched and tested most barefoot brands and says leguano are the best he has seen due to their high quality and design. “They feel like a sock on the upper with a very nice flexible, grippy sole that provides just the right amount of cushioning to protect the soles of the feet, without jeopardising the barefoot feeling of being connected to the ground you are walking on.”

Visit for details and any questions about barefoot running!